"By noticing your soul, the light inside you, you are connecting with the Light of The Universe. You are honoring All That Is and rediscovering who you really are. In Peace and Silence you will see The Light in you. In Peace and Silence you will have a quantum conversation with the God part of you."

Lukasz Darmosz, originally from Poland, has been practicing the art of massage and energy work for more than ten years. He continues to travel the world on a journey of discovery; developing a fusion of thought and technique from diverse cultures to create an effective hybrid philosophy.

Currently residing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Lukasz believes that moving the mind from a conscious state of being into a shamanic, meditative trance allows energy to connect, flow freely and restore health uniting body, mind and spirit. His philosophy lives and breathes through quantum physical techniques to create the METAPHYSICAL SOUL MASSAGE, the roots of which are based on many different body and energy work techniques.

Lukasz Darmosz


is a technique to unite body, mind and spirit. It relies on using and connecting to each person's intuitive ability to raise your personal vibrations. Being in a meditative state of mind during a Metaphysical Soul Massage allows the brain to disperse external influences and causes a person's own energy to flow freely and naturally. This expands your interconnectivity and produces greater results.

Escaping the physical illusion of being defined through a solid form (your body) and instead, allowing the true nature of your body's energy to manifest itself in a state of metaphysical possibilities. Where you the word impossible does not exist and your mind is liberated from its' bonded constraints. ou are united. Your spirit rises to dance In the light of love. Dance with it and look lovingly into the eyes of your soul. Recognize that all is love and all is you.

While working and uniting with physical and astral body, in a state of being present, fully connected, aware, conscious and focused; the unique quantum-physical and metaphysical connection occurs. The "Soul Massage" takes place. This interaction creates changes in sub - atomical energy patterns of the elementary particle: high - energy photons, the quantum of light, information and all other forms of electromagnetic radiation, and the force carrier for the body's electromagnetic force. Our spirit, body, emotions, thoughts... everything is built from photons. Everything is simply light and information held in patterns or waves of interference, energy that is continuously vibrating. As human beings, we directly influence the way particles of photons behave within us - a science with measurable results called "an observer effect".

Therefore, everything within our physical being, we can measure at the quantum level and change it. In order to make it clearer, I would like to highlight the process described by Dr Richard Bartletton his studies which drove Matrix Energetics. The study investigates an entirely new paradigm by utilizing the principles and science of subtle energy and quantum physics, coupled with the power of active imagination and focused intent to produce physically verifiable effects producing positive results. As we investigate the scientific perspective, we find that each atom breaks down into electrons, protons and neutrons.

However, electrons don't actually orbit around the nucleus as we were originally taught. Instead, they have so called probability orbits - they exist in an electron cloud. They only jump to a defined orbit when they are observed by us. When we try to measure them and expect them to be in a particular orbit, they collapse into the expected orbit. And don't forget that this science is about the human effect and how atoms impact our physical construct. Therefore in studying "Soul Massage", it is all about you, your surrounding environment, and the impacting influence driving your physical well-being. As waves, photons are vibrating with certain frequencies, and its' momentum and energy depends on its' frequency. We are able to control these frequencies, we can also create them and change. For example, our brain can be considered a nuclear reactor where our thoughts are atoms which generate an action. These atoms continuously bombard each other as one thought leads to another and the resulting energy impacts our physical being - whether it is positive or negative.

The problem as human beings is that the energy and random continuation of these actions that never stop, and it is the resulting energy that can have an overall affect on our disposition (e.g., too much negative thought energy equates to too much negative emotions). In such simple ways, our mood and emotion are the product of our vibrations and frequencies. And it's not that difficult to change the outcome. Let's start from observing and not holding on to them. Stop feeding ego based consciousness. That way we are raising our consciousness, our personal calibrations that David R. Hawkins was talking about in his book "Transcending the Levels of Consciousness".

When performing "Soul Massage", attuned to your high frequencies and frequencies of the person you are working on, fully aware with perfect timing, placement - linked within the space of infinite possibilities, you are raising energy vibrations and changing the calibration of the mind and body which act as one in unity with the soul. In a meditative state of being and interacting, in a space of sacredness, powered by the magnetic field of your Secret Heart (which is much more powerful then electromagnetic "nuclear" field of your brain), Spirit and Matter dance harmoniously together and miracles become a reality.

In collapsing wave patterns within your personal construct, you create new and endless possibilities. You have the power to shift and change experiences in a physical world, and change yours and other people's lives. Following the principle of the universe where everything is connected, while interacting with others, you are not only creating a space for changes in the object you are working on but you are also transforming your energy field. And you don't have to try to do something or be thinking that you are doing something. Miracles and pure energy don't like you thinking. By doing nothing, not trying to fix anything during that process, you are stepping into transformation. Take responsibility for your creative use of universal energy! Meditative state of mind is necessary to step into a space of sacred power, to escape from physical illusion and find yourself in true, real nature of metaphysical world of possibilities were energy manifest itself and the word "impossible" doesn't exist. Emptiness leads to fullness of energy and spirit, stillness leads to real movements of breath and energy. Reach the stillness and emptiness from movements-concentration, focus, listening with whole body, watching with full awareness, touching with heart... connecting in love and compassion, with understanding. Creativity comes from playfulness not from think-fullness. Creativity brings intuition. Intuitive playfulness shifts energy and causes metaphysical world to occur. Then you are not longer restricted by physical world full of limitations and rules... Metaphysical world is a world of miracles. Thoughts cause energy to be scattered. Emptiness, state of just being and doing without thinking makes mind being focus on one pointed concentration, puts it in meditative state of inner joy and endless possibilities.


The core principle of the Metaphysical Soul Massage I have been developing is the necessity of entering into a meditative state of mind which is not based on ego consciousness but soul consciousness. The state that connects you with your true nature, with your spirit and your heart. Where the energy is not blocked, is not scattered and flows freely. Where you reach mystical state of intuitive perception, inspired creativity and imagination. All of that puts you in a trance like state of self-healing.

To show you the correlation between state of mind and energy flow I want to focus now on the brain which is an electrochemical organ, and its electricity is measured in brain waves. When your brain is not relaxed, aroused or engaged in mental activity it's electric waves are very fast. The more intense the arousal, tension and activity (caused by very intense emotions like for example anger, fear, grief etc.), the faster the frequency. In that state of mind the energy cannot flow freely without being obstructed. These fast waves of the brain-science are called Beta.

There are three other categories of brain waves which are Alpha, Theta and Delta (range from faster to slower). We can control waves intensity by our state of mind: Alpha waves appear when we are mentally relaxed. They are found during light meditation, reflection, body - mind integration, light hypnosis, creative visualization, time in nature, artistic and intuitive processes, rest, exercise, etc. Theta waves are much slower and are dominant during deep meditation, the first stage of sleep, mystical state of intuitive perception, deep hypnosis. They put you in a trance-like state which often comes with inspiring visions and ideas surfacing in your mind and you lose track of time. Delta brain waves are very slow and are associated with deep sleep. This pattern is very import_ant for exploring and expanding your consciousness. You can learn to stay conscious during this state and connect with the mass consciousness of the universe. Astral projections and out of body experiences occur during Delta.

During Metaphysical Soul Massage you travel through several phases: from relaxation, then expand beyond sense perception, then move beyond time and space and enter the state of nonphysical realities. In the early stage it will shift your brain waves from Beta to more relaxed Alpha state. This is where your muscles relax, your blood pressure and body temperature drop down. Next, your brain waves slow even more to Theta/Delta level and that's where you have access to instant-self healing. You can reach deeper regions of memory, insight and symbolism. You are able to remember and relearn who you are and what you need. You are able to focus on what has been suppressed and stored in your subconscious mind. Your ego "dies" and is being replaced by your soul awareness. In this state energy starts flowing freely and your body is able to connect with the Spirit.

Now your perception is shifting from physical to metaphysical; where, powered by the Highest Level of Love and Energy of All That Is and pure intentradiating from your heart chakra (quantum prayer), you are able to create new reality and see the natural harmony of the Cosmic Life in you. You don't have to force this process, it's happening and you can just observe it and enjoy. Now, I would also like to point out that our heart shows electrical vibrationpatterns in almost the same range as the brain's Delta waves. Calm down your mind and you will find your heart which is much more powerful. Here the physics of miracles take place. Remember, the more relaxed and peaceful your mind is, the more far - reaching your awareness is.


You are the wave of life. You want and don't want to stop at the same time. You are moving into unknown to resonate with it, to discover it, to feel it and connect with it, to learn and grow from it. It is something frightening to you at first but you know deep inside it is all you, you are all. You are merging with it's vibrations, new to you. There is something inviting.

You don't want to control it and it doesn't control you. You feel it and it calms you down. It's easy. You find the quiet where movement slows. The calmer you are, the faster and more accurately your intention and intuition become. And now you reach the place of no movement at all... Awareness, total understanding, knowing, peaceful freedom, pure love.

The highest state of the calmests, the most accelerated frequency of creation. everything is there. Nothing is there and everything is there. You flow freely. You search and find. You heal and evolve. Be present to create with frequencies and appreciate quietly. Your Soul loves stillness because it's made of indivisiblepresence and unmovable love...

That's the state of being present, spacious and aware where limits startdisappearing and your frequencies rise. The door of knowledge and endlesspossibilities starts to open and you start seeing your inner power.

Recognize that all is love and all is you.


is a technique to unite the body, mind and spirit. It relies on using and connecting to each person's intuitive ability to rise personal vibrations. Being in a meditative state of mind during a Metaphysical Soul Massage allows the brain to disperse external influences and causes a person's own energy to flow freely and naturally. This expands your interconnectivity and produces greater results.

Escaping the physical illusion of being defined through a solid form (your body) and instead, allowing the true nature of your energy to manifest itself in a state of metaphysical possibilities, where the word impossible does not exist and your mind is liberated from it's bonded constraints. You are united. Your spirit rises to dance in the light of love. Dance with it and look lovingly into the eyes of your soul.